Higher Education

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The platform of choice for higher education institutions worldwide

Moodle LMS is used by over 60% of all higher education in the world. Check out how universities and colleges are using Moodle to empower educators to improve our world.

Monash University
the open university
Cochise College
University of Zagreb
New Jersey Department of Education
Beaufort Detla Education Council
Dearborn Schools

Popular uses in Moodle for Higher Education

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Online exams

Set online exams using assessment tools, such as Quizzes (with setup options such as multiple choice, true/false) ready to be populated.

Single sign-on with existing systems

Educators, learners and all users can access all their online portals and systems with Moodle using just a single sign-on.

Active learning

Work and learn together in forums and wikis, encourage self reflection and peer assessment with dedicated tools, and get feedback through polls and surveys.

Online grading

Use custom grading scales and rubrics, assign different markers to assignments, manage grade moderation and control when marks are released.

Online and offline learning

Submit or grade assignments, post in forums, play SCORM packages, and more – on and offline – using the free Moodle Mobile app or Moodle Desktop.

Your custom learning environment

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See how Dublin University has been using Moodle for 10+ years:

As an open source platform, Moodle is highly flexible, giving education institutions the power to extend and add features for a custom learning environment.

Extend your organisation's brand and simplify the journey for your students

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You can now engage with your learners in a memorable way by getting your Moodle App with your own branding. This ensures that students can easily identify their university’s Moodle app when searching for it in the App store or Google play.

Easily integrate Moodle with other systems

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As Moodle is widely used and open source, education institutions can integrate it with many existing systems they are already using. We also have add-ons, Certified Moodle Integrations, that can be easily installed to your Moodle platform to further enhance its functionality.

Moodle Certified Integrations

Got a question on how to implement Moodle for Higher Education?


    MoodleCloud is designed for organisations who want to utilise our Moodle LMS without code-level customisations and integrations.

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