Moodle Certified Service Providers

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Ensuring the success of your Moodle online learning project

Our network of Certified Service Providers will transform Moodle into a solution that meets the unique needs of your organisation. Providing expertise in customisations, hosting, support and training, our service providers take a lead role in assisting institutions and organisations transition to, or upscale, their online learning platforms.

Moodle Certified Service Provider Seal of Approval

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Our network of Service Providers are certified by Moodle’s exacting standards in customer service, technical capability and include our endorsed network of 100 Moodle resellers, partners and premium partners all across the world.

Expert assistance in delivering Moodle-based online learning solutions

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No more worries about your LMS hosting, installation, configuration or backups


Have all your applications connected for a full view of your customers


Tailored solutions with custom features to solve your organisation’s challenges


Everything from server configuration to support contracts


Expert advice in Moodle-based online learning solutions


Full support for the implementation of on-site or hosted solutions


Help you to understand reporting and how to use the insights

Course Design

Get assistance creating high quality, engaging learning content


We deliver anything from basic Moodle themes to custom themes tailored to your specific requirements


Designed around the unique needs of our clients for administrators, course creators, educators, L&D professionals and teachers

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