What is open source?

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Open source enables educational institutions, organisations and individuals to use our software in the ways that work best for them.

We believe in open source, because you can completely make it your own. It empowers the users to build what they need. That means we’re in constant dialogue with our community of educators, learners, administrators and developers, and they are helping us make our learning platform better every day.

Why we love open source:

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Freedom of choice


  • Modify, develop, build the Moodle code to make it work best for you
  • Choose to host and run your elearning platform on your own server, or host it with us on MoodleCloud, or
  • Outsource services to our network of Certified Moodle Partners.

Moodle is the most widely used LMS in the world


The sky’s the limit


  • Anyone can enhance the code and develop additional tools and functionalities
  • Select from a wide range of content and integration options
  • Customise your LMS to meet your specific needs

We have more tools and functionalities for teaching and learning than any other education platform


It’s backed by a powerful community


  • Supported by a large community of developers and educators worldwide
  • Enables and encourages collaboration and the development of technology
  • Make a suggestion, fix a bug, improve documentation, or contribute code to a project.

Support for open source

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Just like Moodle and our community:

  • Our Certified Moodle Partners are strong advocates of open source.
  • They have an appreciation for flexibility and have a collaborative approach, so you can be sure they will customise the Moodle LMS to meet the needs of their customers.

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