Gender Pay Gap Report 2022-23

This report explains our Gender Pay Gap figures, which have been calculated based on gender pay gap reporting requirements.

The summary below shows our overall mean and median gender pay gap based on hourly rates of pay as at the snapshot date of 5 April 2022. It also shows the mean and median difference between bonuses paid to men and women in the relevant bonus period preceding the snapshot date.

Gender Pay Gap Mean Median
Hourly pay 1.9% -0.9%
Bonus 5.6% 14.2%

Proportion of colleagues receiving a bonus in the 2021 performance year

Pay Quartiles

Proportion of males and females in each pay quartile

Understanding our data

Our gender distribution reflects the golf industry and the sport as a whole where participation is largely male dominated. At the snapshot date approximately 82% of our total workforce is based in our retail and leisure estate with 92% of roles in this area being held by males in comparison with our Retail Support Centre where this is only 53% of positions.

The median pay gap is the difference between the mid points in the ranges of hourly earnings, we rank all our people by their hourly pay from lowest to highest and compare the middle point earnings for males and females. The median figure is thought to be the most representative measure of the gender pay gap as it ignores extremes at the top or the bottom of the range. For the 2022 reporting year, American Golf’s median pay gap was -0.9% indicating that at the snapshot date women earned on average more than men.

The data shows a 19.6% difference between the number of men and women being paid a bonus in the 2021 performance year, which is a 13% improvement on the previous year and a 25% improvement over the last 2 years. This bonus gap is driven by the structure of our workforce and the significantly higher proportion of men employed in our store estate where performance incentives and monthly bonuses are a core part of the retail benefit structure, directly linked to the achievement of individual and team sales performance targets.

Our approach to pay is gender neutral and we are confident that men and women are paid and rewarded equally for equivalent jobs across our business. All candidates have equal access to job roles within American Golf and pay rates for team members are set equally depending on living wage legislation, job role, geographical variances and market rates.

We confirm that this data is accurate.